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I am an America in the World Consortium Fellow in the Program in Grand Strategy at Duke University. Previously, I was a Grand Strategy, Security, and Statecraft postdoctoral Fellow in MIT's Security Studies Program and Harvard's Belfer Center. My expertise includes topics at the intersection of international security and international political economy.   

My research and teaching interests encompass economic statecraft, international security, international institutions, and foreign policy. In particular, I investigate the political effects of financial coercion in foreign policy. The book project from my dissertation, The Financialization of Foreign Policy: Targeted Financial Sanctions, Vulnerability, and Government Retaliation, identifies the conditions that prompt hostile government responses to the imposition of targeted financial sanctions on subnational actors by the U.S.  

I received my Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I hold an M.A. in Political Science from UW-Madison and undergraduate degrees in Economics and Political Science from Oklahoma State University where I competed for the NCAA Division I track and cross country teams. I enjoy running, hiking, and reading fiction.

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